Image of Heart of Gold


Image of Heart of Gold

Hatcher has a written a fast-paced, action-packed historical romance with memorable characters who try to figure out what they want and where they belong. Her historicals truly shine with her knowledge and research. Readers will be hooked from the first sentence and this book will reside on plenty of keeper shelves.

Shannon Adair was happiest when she was caring for injured soldiers, even though her friends could not understand why. Now that she and her father, a man of God, are in rough-and-tumble Idaho, she is not sure what she can do to be happy. Matthew Dubois is the fastest and the only reliable stagecoach driver on the Wells Fargo line and he enjoys being out in the open. His critically ill sister and her son are coming to live with him. Matthew knows he will need to find someone to take care of his nephew so he can continue working. Shannon agrees to care for Matthew’s sister and nephew while he is on his runs, and a special bond develops between them. When his sister makes him promise to marry Shannon after she is gone, Matthew is not so sure that would be a good idea, and Shannon isn’t either. But they soon learn that this is what they both were meant to do. (THOMAS NELSON, Apr., 304 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans