Image of The Heart of a Hero (A Spellbound Falls Romance)


Image of The Heart of a Hero (A Spellbound Falls Romance)

Returning to Spellbound Falls, Chapman draws on her patented blend of humor, warmth and sensuality to deliver a strong story of a woman fighting hard to help her troubled family. Old friends and new characters help round out a tale that also harbors a dangerous edge. Pure reading pleasure!

With her abusive alcoholic father becoming more unstable, Julia Campbell is working at the Nova Mare Resort to support herself and get her younger sister safely off to college. Divorced, Julia has no time for romance, but she can’t help but notice the mysterious and sexy head of Nova Mare security, Nicholas. After three decades of playing bodyguard to a princess, Atlantean warrior Nicholas is looking for a change of pace, and he finds it as head of security for the Oceanus resorts. When Nicholas steps in to assist Julia on several occasions, the sparks ignite. But Nicholas is much more than he seems and his past could pose an unexpected danger. Is Julia ready to discover magic is real? (JOVE, Mar., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith