Image of In the Heart of the Highlander (A Ladies Unlaced Novel)


Image of In the Heart of the Highlander (A Ladies Unlaced Novel)

Robinson’s Ladies Unlaced series continues with a delicious and dangerous gentleman who woos a seemingly quiet, proper lady with the heart of a lion. Robinson excels at taking erotic themes and blending them into traditional romance with a simmering heat. Readers can sit back and enjoy a heroine’s discovery of passion as she helps solve a mystery and save a hero.

Mary Evensong runs the Evensong employment agency, posing as her Aunt Mim while the elderly woman recuperates from gout. She hires maids, footmen and even aides in resolving domestic issues for the aristocracy. Duty doesn’t allow Lord Alec Raeburn to explain the circumstances of his wife’s suicide, but he is determined to expose the scoundrel responsible and must hire an actress to entrap the rogue. Mary is fascinated by Alec and agrees to masquerade as a patient in need of Dr. Bauer’s treatments at the posh Highland spa/hotel. Arriving at the spa with her aunt and secretary, Mary immediately attracts Bauer’s attention. Alec is there to protect Mary from Bauer’s advances. The sparks that fly between Mary and Alec soon burst in flames. Their affair continues after they expose the villain and Mary retreats to Alec’s estate until Bauer is caught. The danger is real, but the peril to Mary’s reputation and her heart are even more dangerous. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Oct., 304 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin