Martin puts a twist on the captive/captor theme by cleverly combining it with
a bit of Pygmalion and a touch of Tarzan for a fast-paced, sensual,
entertaining tale.

Independent-minded Krista Hart, a scholar and the editor of a weekly ladies' gazette, isn't about to be thrust into an unwanted marriage. Then a trip to a circus brings her face to face with a man straight out of fiction -- a Viking warrior who takes her senses by surprise. Her knowledge of old Norse allows her to rescue Leif of Draugr, who was captured after he was shipwrecked on the English coast.

Krista's father pleads with her to teach Leif to be a gentleman so that he can learn about Draugr. Krista finds the barbarian to be far more fascinating than any Englishman -- more sensual, bold and tempting. When it appears that her controversial articles in the gazette have endangered her life, Leif vows to protect her, even if he must kidnap her and bring her to Draugr. Both Leif and Krista are torn between their newfound passion and their duty to their families, and they must find a way to hold onto the love of a lifetime. (Mira, Jan., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin