Image of Heart of Iron (London Steampunk)


Image of Heart of Iron (London Steampunk)

McMaster’s second London Steampunk book dazzles and seduces, diving deeper into this remarkable world. She crafts complicated, damaged and driven characters whose unlikely passion is unforgettably powerful. Details are slowly explained, and the complexities of all the relationships are gradually teased out, building a mounting tension that will leave readers breathless. Though new readers will be enthralled, devotees will find enormous rewards.

For three years, Lena Todd and verwolfen Will Carver have played a dangerous game of desire. Even though Lena turned her back on her life in Whitechapel to become the toast of the bloodthirsty Echelon, a dark hunger continues to bring them together. When Will discovers that Lena is carrying coded messages that tie her to rebel humanists and arsonists at work in Whitechapel, he realizes the time has come to put aside flirtations and protect the woman who drives him past all control. But with a war brewing and a ruthless enemy on the prowl, will Lena and Will have a chance to fight side by side, or will their secrets tear them apart forever? (SOURCEBOOKS, May, 448 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown