Image of Heart Journey (A Celta Novel)


Image of Heart Journey (A Celta Novel)

The ninth chapter of Owens’ world opens with a heartmate connection between two very different people. These protagonists have vastly different dreams of their futures — ones they’re not willing to give up. Owens’ series continues to expand the world of Celta and keep in touch with previous protagonists, which longtime fans will appreciate very much. Another winner!

Renowned cartographer Helena “Del” D’Elcampane and her fox Fam Shunuk are used to isolation and roughing it in uncharted territories. Still, Del has sensed she has a heartmate, one who is several years younger than her. Returning to civilization, Del is horrified to learn that almost all of her remaining family has been killed by a fire. The only survivor is infant Helendula who has been adopted by Straif Blackthorn and his heartmate. Del also discovers that her heartmate is none other than rising star, actor Raz Cherry. Raz too has sensed he has a heartmate, but his devotion to his career is his primary concern. A series of thefts plague them both, but what could the thief be after? (BERKLEY SENSATION, Aug., 368 pp., $15.00)
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JIll M. Smith