Image of The Heart of a Killer


Image of The Heart of a Killer

Despite the heroine’s ambivalence when her hero returns to town, this is a taut thriller that challenges the reader to identify the killer before the reveal. And even then, the plot twist is not so tidy. Hopefully Burton will give us the other foster brother’s story soon. It would be icing on this very tasty cake.

After 12 years away, Dante Renaldi is dreading his return to the foster home that was his rock during his teen years. The trauma that led to his departure comes back to haunt him, his foster brothers and his teen love, Anna Pallino, now a St. Louis homicide detective. Current murders are tied to a long-ago attack on Anna and a serial killer seems to be trying to recreate the events and eliminate all of the witnesses. But Dante is not about to let anything hurt Anna again and will use his considerable skills to ensure her safety, as well as regain her trust and love. (MIRA, Nov., 407, $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins