On a windy winter day in 1886, Marshall Flynn OBannion, assigned to escort Marydyth Hollenbeck from Tombstone to the Yuma Territorial Prison, witnesses and is touched by the heart-breaking goodbye she says to her baby daughter. Within months, he becomes guardian of the baby and quits his job to become a loving father. Hes convinced the little girl needs her mother and works for Marydyths release.

Marydyth, convicted of murdering her second husband partly because Flynn revealed a wanted poster saying she murdered her first husband, spends the next three years sustained on equal measures of love for her child and hatred for the marshall.

When shes released by some miracle, she plans to leave Arizona so her daughter will never hear her called Murderin Mary or the Black Widow. She soon discovers Flynn has legal control over her daughter and that her second husband disinherited her so she has absolutely no money. She must live with the marshall she hates in order to be with the child she loves.

With a touch of murder mystery, generous sexual tension and two people willing to sacrifice for the good of a child, Linda Castle sustains an engrossing love story. SENSUAL (Aug., 298 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger