This first book in the Lions of Judah series is the story of Noah, which begins when he is 16, when he meets—and is immediately smitten with—Lomeen. Noah convinces his family to let him travel to her village, where he witnesses sacrifices to Ur-Baal, gets drunk and sleeps with Lomeen. Despite Noah's talents and charisma, he remains single for many years, his heart dwelling on Lomeen. Will he finally marry her or will God have other plans for him?

This reviewer worries that the author took too much creative license with the story, portraying Noah as a man unable to let go of his lust-driven past, when the Bible is clear that there was "no one more righteous or blameless in his generation" than Noah. The book is a little dry, despite the subject matter, and Noah seems to lack strength and character. SWEET (Oct., 320 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston