Told through e-mails, instant messages, a few nostalgic postcards and handwritten letters, this books offers what the diary-styled books miss— different points of view.

High school is coming to an end, and soon Chloe and her friends will be separating for college. At university orientation, she meets Julian, who is thinking of going to the same school. The two begin a summer-long correspondence and begin to fall madly in love. But can you really know a person through e-mails only? They'll find out before school starts.

Along the way, both have family troubles. Julian has a wayward sister, and Chloe finds out her sis has been keeping a huge secret from her for years. Whose relationships will crumble and whose will survive? And what will college be like without the friends they've grown up with?

Wittlinger captures that feeling of elation that comes with finishing high school and the total freak-out fear of starting college. She also does an excellent job of making us feel like part of the action. (Jul., 224 pp., $16.95)
Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris