Just when you think the bar can’t be raised any higher, Singh kicks it up another notch! The identity of the “Ghost” has been hotly debated among Singh’s vast readership with several candidates considered primary suspects. What Singh does so brilliantly in this book is reveal the motivations and constraints that have led this individual to take various actions, all of which now make logical sense. There are few authors who can create and maintain this level of world building, long game plot arcs and intense character development while still keeping a series feeling fresh and compelling! Singh is in a class by herself!

For more than a century the Psy race has depended on “Silence” (aka the purging of emotions) to prevent the instability and murderous impulses that plagued their people. On the surface Silence worked, but at its core a rot has been spreading. Knowing that change must come, the Ghost has been taking secret steps to control the direction of the revolution. But now the Psy Council has fallen and the entire Psy Net is under attack from Pure Psy fanatics, forcing the Ghost to take drastic actions. The Ghost has always been driven by one goal; but will his actions save or destroy his race? (BERKLEY, Jun., 368 pp., $25.95) 

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith