Image of Heart Secret (A Celta Novel)


Image of Heart Secret (A Celta Novel)

The next generation of Celta residents are again the focus of Owens’ latest Heart novel. While most people yearn for their HeartMate, the hero in this tale wants nothing to do with his. Both protagonists have suffered deep emotional traumas, which have made them extremely wary. An intriguing element of Owens’s universe is the inherent conflict that can arise between predestination, free choice and passionate love. Plus, everything is better with a Fam!

P.I. Garrett Primross is the only survivor of a virulent disease that swept through the population, killing the woman he loved and her infant. Now “Iasc sickness” is back and another child is infected. When her family was wrongly implicated in the Black Magic Cultist murders years earlier, healer Artemisia Mugwort Panax’s life was shattered. Her family still lives in hiding, but Artemisia struggles to keep her career alive. To find a way to stop the plague, Garrett reluctantly agrees to be re-infected. Artemisia will be his sole caretaker, which is a problem as she is Garrett’s long-denied HeartMate. Complicating things even more is the unexpected murder of the final missing Cultist. (BERKLEY, Aug., 358 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith