Image of Heart of Stone (Gargoyles Series)


Image of Heart of Stone (Gargoyles Series)

The opening of Warren’s hot new paranormal series is a snarky, creative and steamy success that delights new and longtime fans alike. As her strong, spirited heroine slowly comes out of her shell and begins to revel in the fascinating and dangerous magic that surrounds her, readers will delight in her transformation, and in her romance with her ancient and enticing hero. With an inventive, winning premise and powerful, complex characters, there is little doubt this series has enormous potential.

Ella Harrow has spent most of her life hiding her strange powers from the world, trying to find a little normalcy in the art museum she adores. But when a stone gargoyle suddenly comes to life before her eyes, Ella knows that normal is not in her future. Kees has spent centuries asleep, waiting for the return of the seven Demons of the Dark. He can’t explain why Ella was able to awaken him, or why she would hide her remarkable gifts, but when the evil he was created to face creeps out of the shadows, Kees realizes that the woman he has come to love may hold the key to saving the entire world. (ST. MARTIN’S, Jan., 320 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bridget Keown