Quiet, bookish Elizabeth Throughgood seizes the opportunity to accompany her frail cousin to the island of Madeira and escape an unwanted bridegroom. However, what she finds is not peace and healing, but captivity aboard a pirate ship.

For years Cyprian Dare has waited for the right moment to exact his revenge on the father who abandoned him and his mother to a life of poverty. By kidnapping Eliza's fragile cousin, Aubrey, his father's "heir," Cyprian has the perfect weapon to exact his vengeance. He just never counts on the "tigress" who will protect Aubrey with her life.

Cyprian believes he can easily tame the English rose, but beneath her calm exterior lies a fiery temper and a fierce heart. Worldly, cynical Cyprian may find it simple to seduce the innocent Eliza, but falling in love with her proves more complicated. When she challenges him to put honor before revenge and love before hate, Cyprian faces the greatest danger of his harrowing career.

Rexanne Becnel combines heartfelt emotions with a romance that touches readers with the magic and joy of falling in love. HEART OF THE STORM is destined to be another bestseller from a true star of the genre. SENSUAL (Nov., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin