Image of Heart of a Texan (Night Riders)


Image of Heart of a Texan (Night Riders)

Greenwood fans will love this final addition to the Night Riders series. Nate’s story is an emotional, fast-paced western tale, full of realistic characters, authentic settings, nonstop action, backstabbing villains and rough justice. Readers will enjoy the battle of wits between these two stubborn protagonists.

In the dark, Roberta Tryon can’t tell friend from foe, so she accidentally shoots Nate Dolan. Roberta is determined to rebuild her farm, catch her father’s killers and then return to Virginia where she was happiest. But first, she has to nurse Nate back to health. He has been chasing his brother’s killer for a long time and won’t stop. That is, until he gets shot by a beauty with bad aim — or good aim, in his case. Forced to slow down, Nate comes to realize certain truths. Now all he needs is to do is regain his health, catch a killer, save his ranch and her farm, and convince Roberta that Texas can be their home. (SOURCEBOOKS, Nov., 394 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer