This is the book fans of Johanna Lindseys Warriors Woman have been waiting for: the third book about the Ly-San-Ters and the other worlds they inhabit.

Dalden is the perfect combination of his warrior father and his practical and emotional mother; a man who carries the seeds of two cultures within him. His warriors stamina and code of honor compel him to volunteer to chase down a rebellious enemy, Jorran, who has stolen a mind altering rod and is intent upon controlling a planet.

His search leads him to a small town in Californiaand to Brittany Callaghan.

A busy modern woman, Brittany instantly notices the tall handsome man in the mall. By coming to Daldens aid she ends up being his guide. He is shocked at his instantaneous attraction to her, and it is only the interruptions of his mothers computer, Martha, that have kept him from taking her to bed instantly.

Dalden convinces Brittany of the seriousness of his mission and with her help, they both manage to stop Jorran. He knows she is his lifemate and though she is skeptical, Brittany agrees to go to Daldens ship and to see everything he has told her for herself.

The shock is almost too much for her to take, but Daldens love is worth the sacrifice of leaving her world for his. She has much to learn about life with a warrior, but when Jorran tries to take his revenge by abducting her, Brittany sees that it is the warrior with a heart that she truly loves.

The humor added by Martha, the sizzling love scenes and the clash of wills between an alpha male and a strong-willed woman, as well as the merging of two cultures to forge a powerful relationship, turn this novel into a great read. Johanna Lindsey delivers quality romance each and every time. SENSUAL (May, 368 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin