THE HEART WON’T LIE (4) by Vicki Lewis Thompson: Western writer Jim Ford has a big secret: He’s not a cowboy nor has he ever ridden a horse — in fact, he’s an old money New York City slicker. So he’s off to the Last Chance Ranch to pick up some real western skills for a promotional video he needs to shoot. Former Baltimore socialite Keri Fitzpatrick has been the housekeeper at the ranch since she ran from a scandal back East in the fall. And once these two fishes out of water meet, they most definitely want to swim upstream to spawn. But secrets and grand plans could be the thing that drives this made-for-each-other pair apart. Thompson does another stellar job weaving new characters and life into the wide fabric of the long-lasting Sons of Chance series. Seeing these two likable outsiders learn to adapt adds a fresh element to the series, and their sex scenes are creative and fun.
Reviewed by: 
Kim Jefferson