When Jenna Elliot went on the waiting list for a heart transplant, she never dreamed the donor would be her own husband Paul, who dies in a car accident while on a business trip.

Nine months later, Jenna is physically recovering, but still emotionally raw. She is also bothered by strange phenomena where she suddenly craves foods that Paul loved and she can both hear his voice and see flashes from the accident. Jenna feels that Paul is trying to communicate with her. There was much that Paul kept hidden from her, like the origins of the mysterious money found in the car.

Listening to her new heart, Jenna leaves Maine to travel to the small town of Ponee, TX. What she finds there shatters her perception of Paulunbeknownst to her, he was actually a twin. Mitch Elliott lives and works on the family estate in Ponee. To Jennas horror, she also learns that Paul disappeared years ago while he was a suspect in the murder of his parents.

Pauls heart has led Jenna to Mitch. Is Paul trying to make amends for the past? For Jenna and Mitch to have a future, they must be able to lay the past behind them.

Tina Wainscott is back in a big way, with this imaginative and emotional new tale with a paranormal twist. IN A HEARTBEAT is definitely a compelling and unique story. (July, 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith