NYC Homicide Detective Marco Camelia is handed a high profile casethe attempted murder of multi-millionaire businessman Ed Vincent. Before slipping into a coma, Ed mutters the name Zelda.

A whirlwind named Melba Merridew arrives at the hospital demanding to see Ed. Eds nickname for her? Zelda. Marco learns that she recently received a very large transfer of stock from Ed but is quickly convinced that she is not the shooter.

Melba had met Ed several months ago, when she came to warn him that someone was out to kill him. Ed believed her but he became more interested in courting her than watching his back. Now Melba has formed a partnership with Marco so they can unravel the truth.

The ever-popular Elizabeth Adler constructs yet another page-turning thriller. Melba is a fascinating heroine and despite being in a coma, Ed still manages to be a major presence in the story. (Dec., 296 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith