Image of In A Heartbeat


Image of In A Heartbeat

Complex, intriguing characters and an intensely emotional plot make In a Heartbeat compelling. Noonan does a wonderful job of blending the mystery behind the crime with a cast of well-developed characters whose personal stories pull the reader into the novel. From the devoted mother to her emotionally detached ex-husband to the police detective working the case, each character brings breadth and perspective.

Kate McGann’s19-year-old son Ben, an amateur baseball player, is in a coma after being bludgeoned with a baseball bat in the dorm where his summer league team is residing. Kate and Syracuse police detective Greg Cody grow closer as they examine the numerous rivalries between the team members, two of whom had fought with Ben publicly on previous occasions and now benefit from his absence on the team roster. (KENSINGTON, Sep., 497 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett