Rookie DEA agent Samille Broussard wants to be taken seriously, but her role as a diversion investigator gives her little respect. She seizes the opportunity to bring credibility to her division after nine affluent teens from the same prep school take an unidentified drug and fall into comas. But Broussard is paired with a hardnosed FBI agent who doesn't want her tainting his case.

Agent Brant Kincaid cannot believe that the DEA teamed him up with Broussard. But she has found a way to gain the students' trust and also has a longstanding relationship with a possible suspect. Her expertise becomes a valuable asset, until Kincaid finds himself diverted by her beauty and charity.

Smith delivers a nice change of pace with this novel. She introduces readers to the world of diversion investigators, manmade drugs and a sweet love story. But the red herrings at the end take away from the story's believability, and many minor characters distract the evolving love story. (Sep., 416 pp, $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Dee Y. Stewart