Image of A Heartbeat Away: A Novel


Image of A Heartbeat Away: A Novel

This taut, thrilling mystery delivers a clever and intricate plot, vivid characters shimmering with authenticity and heart-stopping action (literally!). The author, a surgeon by day, provides plenty of fascinating medical detail, but never lets the technical override the emotional: The heroine’s gradual spiritual awakening is as touching as it is satisfying.

Ice-queen surgeon Tori Taylor doesn’t know what’s come over her. Ever since her emergency heart transplant she’s been — well, nice. She’s compassionate. Emotionally vulnerable. And plagued by terrifying nightmares of a murder. Convinced she’s experiencing “cellular memories” from her new heart, she enlists the help of therapist Phin MacGregor to find her donor’s killer. The police think she’s crazy, but one sympathetic captain knows Tori’s the key to uncovering a far-reaching conspiracy. As threats on their lives escalate, Tori and Phin flee, fearing they won’t live long enough to discover the truth behind Tori’s change of heart. (DAVID C. COOK, Sep., 384 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Carolyn Martin