Tom Heart was ready to be alone when he returned home after the Civil War. Instead, he found a house full of people, including a woman claiming to be his wife, a young girl she says is his daughter, her grandmother and a boy she's taken in and raised as her own.

Ginney Herz believes the man she married at 16 in her homeland has finally come home. He left her with child, planning to send for her when he was settled. After her father's death, she took her daughter and grandmother to America in search of Thomas Herz, and found an empty farm and a husband gone to war. Ginney took up working the farm only to have him return years later, claiming to not recognize her. Thinking the war affected his memory, she sets about "curing" him.

Tom decides to find the real Thomas Herz to prove he's not her husband. In the course of his search, he finds that his instant family has worked their way under his skin.

Ms. Nelson once again delivers warm romance and a story that will grip you till the end, though some of her twists may surprise you. SWEET (March, 276 pp., $5.99 )

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson