Tracy Potter is a widow struggling to restore a historic hotel in order to support her preteen son, Matt, and college-age stepdaughter, Chelsea.

When Wade MacAllister arrives at Heartbreak Hotel, he is depressed, guilt-ridden and suicidal. As the novelist Edward Cain, Wade gained notoriety when a demented man acted out one of his suspense thrillers by murdering 12 women. After the killer was apprehended and the lawsuits ended, Wade/Edward chose to disappear.

After Wade checks into the hotel he starts having vivid dreams and feels compelled to write the life story of a sea captain. Is the hotel haunted? Was Captain Ezra Poole a real person? Just when Tracy thinks she's getting a handle on things, shocking revelations threaten to throw everything into emotional chaos.

Secrets have a way of unraveling and leading to heartache. This rich and compelling novel is the third and final chapter in Landis' powerful Twilight Cove trilogy. For great drama, Landis is unmatched. (May, 335 pp.,$23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith