This final story in the Chandler Brothers trilogy finds Chase Chandler in Washington, D.C., pursuing his dream of becoming a newspaper journalist—a dream that was put on hold when his father died—and he won't let ideas of marriage and kids distract him. His battle to keep his focus begins with a woman called Faith and a one-night-stand.

At 28, Sloane Carlisle has made a shocking discovery—the senator and vice presidential hopeful she always knew as her father is not. Now she finds herself in danger, trying to locate and protect the biological father she's never met from the senator's ruthless advisors, who want to keep this quiet.

At her stepmother's request, Chase promises to see to her safety, but is shocked to learn that Sloane is Faith. Will he be able to fulfill his dreams, or will he accept that dreams can change?

THE HEARTBREAKER is an intriguing and spectacular finale for the Chandler brothers. The action between the hero and heroine starts with a bang and just keeps going. The story follows Chase's struggle to discover what he truly wants for his future and to accept that those he loves can actually take care of themselves. I loved the sense of family this book imparted. This is also a seriously sexy story! (Sep., 288 pp., $16.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley