Image of The Heartbreaker Prince (Royal & Ruthless)


Image of The Heartbreaker Prince (Royal & Ruthless)
THE HEARTBREAKER PRINCE (4.5) by Kim Lawrence: Hannah Latimer’s drive to improve her abhorrent reputation instead lands her in deep trouble in a faraway prison. When she learns the price for rescue is to marry her sexy, arrogant, liberator she’ll do it only to save her father, not because she wants the Heartbreaker Prince. Kamel Al Safar, crown prince of Surana, knows he’ll never marry for love, so when duty dictates he marry this spoiled, antagonistic captive he also craves, he agrees. Lawrence’s romance is an intoxicating, exotic page-turner. Her narrative brings her alluring sandscapes and enigmatic characters to life. It’s a pleasure watching her spunky heroine and stubborn hero taking baby steps from loathing to love, and their love scenes are transcendent.
Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt