Lady Anna Marlowe didn't believe she would ever find love, peace or happiness. Lucas Kendrick, the Duke of Harndon, believes he has no capacity to love. But when they are each pressured by their families to wed, they discover that happiness can be theirs.

That joy is shattered by misconceptions and they become resigned to a heartless marriage. He will care for her family; she will be the perfect wife.

It is Anna's fear that her longtime stalker has returned to crush any hopes she had for a happy future. As old secrets begin to surface, both Luke and Anna are faced with great challenges and danger from unsuspected sources that draws them into a confrontation with a jealous woman and a madman.

Once more Mary Balogh sweeps readers away to one of England's glorious eras. Like a fine painter she uses lights and darks, shadows and brilliant colors, to illuminate her story. Readers will be enthralled with this well-crafted romance from a true talent of the genre. SENSUAL (Oct., 387 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin