Fourteen-year-old farmers daughter Ariel Summers dreams of a better life and comes up with a plan to become a lady. She offers to become the Earl of Grevilles mistress in exchange for an education. The elderly earl accepts Ariels proposal, sending her off to school, agreeing to wait until she is older to consummate their bargain.

However, the earl dies soon after. His illegitimate son, Justin Ross, inherits his fathers title and responsibilities. Through Ariels letters, Justin learns of the outrageous deal she made with his father, and justly decides to forget the arrangement.

After meeting Ariel, he changes his mind. Both innocent and independent, she tempts and challenges him. Now hes determined to compel her to keep her part of the settlement. Seduction is his weapon of choice, which leads to greater matters of the heart.

Yet, before they can find happiness, a desperate villain seeks to destroy their love and their lives.

Kat Martin keeps you riveted with sexual tension, a splendid pair of lovers and many twists and turns of plot. Ms. Martin always delivers a highly readable, pleasurable and memorable story; this is just one more vintage Martin. SENSUAL (May, 360 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin