It has taken decades to finally restore the GreatHouse name of TAsh. When Rand TAsh was six years old and the only survivor of the murderous attack on his family, he was forced to survive on the mean streets of Downwind on the planet Celta.

Using his powerful Flair or psychic gifts, TAsh both rebuilt his family fortune and gained vengeance on those who murdered his family. The final piece of restoring the GreatHouse of TAsh starts to fall into place when TAsh discovers the existence of his HeartMate, a young woman named Danith Mallow.

Having lost her parents at an early age, Danith grew up in an orphanage. Becoming part of a nice, peaceful, comfortable family is very important to Danith; however, getting involved with a GreatHouse is not what she had in mind.

Unaware of her own latent Flair abilities as of yet, Danith is reluctant and wary of the strange and powerful connection she experiences with the legendary TAsh. Two vastly different destinies lay in front of both TAsh and Danith Which will turn into reality?

A new voice in romantic fantasy fiction has arrived and makes an outstanding debut. The alien world that talented newcomer Robin D. Owens has created is intricate, sensual and fascinating. I certainly would welcome future trips to the Flair-driven planet of Celta. (Dec., 340 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith