Truvy Valentine arrives in Harmony to visit her friend Edwina Wolcott after being suspended from her teaching position. She inadvertently scandalized the school trustees by introducing a book about human sexuality to her students.

With Edwinas pregnancy making it difficult for her to teach at her dance studio, Truvy volunteers to take over. Though a fine athlete, Truvy knows nothing about dancing. But being in the studio every day places her closer to Jake Brewster, owner of the gym next door.

Once known as the Worlds Strongest Man, Jake wants nothing to do with the prim Miss Valentine. And all she wants is to dance with Jake and not the dozens of men clambering for her attention who have come to Harmony for the local body building contest.

Things heat up when Jake discovers a very warm, sensual woman beneath Truvys proper exterior. Yet, secrets from the past could put an end to their courting dance.

With warmth and a true appreciation of turn-of-the-century America, Stef Ann Holm rounds out her Brides for All Seasons series with another appealing love story. As always, readers feel a true sense of being there and I, for one, will greatly miss visiting Harmony now that the series has ended. SENSUAL (Feb., 399 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin