Celeste Dunbar's life is changing fast-she breaks up with her live-in boyfriend, gets an apartment of her own and meets the man of her dreams-Dante Lattimore.

After her apartment is broken into and her ex-boyfriend starts harassing her, Celeste is grateful for Dante's strength and his take charge manner. And despite their short acquaintance, Dante knows Celeste is the woman for him. He wants to commit to her but he harbors a dangerous secret that could destroy their relationship and rob him of Celeste's trust forever.

Dante's choices are snatched from him as he and Celeste are plunged into a nightmare where the boundaries of good and evil bleed into one another, and the powers of truth and justice can only prevail under the authority of love.

Ms. Gilmore has written a mesmerizing novel that plunges the reader into a vortex of romance and suspense. My only regret is that the story had to end. (July 384 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson