The novella starts out with a bang and only gets more exciting as the story goes on. But just because the focus is on down and dirty space fighting, doesn't mean that the character's emotions are forgotten. Just the opposite. Syna's feelings of guilt, loneliness and anger after losing her partner make her the perfect "wounded" heroine. This plays nicely off of the restrained hero, Galen, who has been taught to keep his emotions in check. There are definite sparks between these two characters and there is never a dull moment, especially in the scene where they engage in a spaceship "dog fight" that will have the reader holding their breath.

Syna Davout is the captain of her own spaceship that she uses for criminal activities. But ever since she lost her lover Anbjorn on a job, Syna has no interest in anything. Floating around space with only her Artificial Intelligence computer Bree as company, Syna has all but give up on life. That is until she takes on a job that was suppose to have her hitting a big payday, but instead ends up with her unwillingly helping psion Galen Fash stage a revolution against the authorities. Galen is able to break through all of Syna's defenses and help her start living again. But when someone from the past offers Syna legitimate work, will she betray Galen or fight for her newfound love? (Samhain, Feb 2010, dl. $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne