Image of Hearts and Swords: Four Original Stories of Celta


Image of Hearts and Swords: Four Original Stories of Celta

Award-winning Owens fills in some blanks in her long-running Celta series with an exciting and intriguing anthology. Longtime fans will be thrilled to get a glimpse into the origins of Celta and its FirstFamilies, as well as catch up with some secondary characters. A terrific addition to a series filled with compelling characters and imaginative romance.

First up is “Heart and Sword,” which explains how the colonists first arrived on Celta. Captain Kelse Bountry faces both mutiny and low supplies as he tries to lead their small fleet to an inhabitable planet. “Heart Story” follows the tale of heartmates divided by a domineering and murderous mother, as Blush Willow and Dri Paris have a second chance at love — if they can get past their unresolved anger. In “Heart and Soul,” Genista Furze, the scandalous ex-wife of Tinne Holly, gets a chance for a new life and love. Finally, in “Noble House,” Walker Clover experiences a triple passage and learns he possesses significant Flair, thereby elevating the Clover family to GrandLord status. Now he must navigate the world of FirstFamilies, including unwanted marriage alliances, for Walker has his eye on the mysterious Sedwy Grove. (BERKLEY SENSATION, Dec., 464 pp., $16.00)
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Jill M. Smith