Image of Hearts in Darkness


Image of Hearts in Darkness

For MJ and Caden it is not love at first sight, it's love at first conversation. Because neither can see each other, their attraction is based on more than just physical appearances. Caden becomes enamored by M.J.’s smart mouth and spunky personality. And MJ immediately recognizes Cadan as a sweet, funny and caring man. So when Caden's looks are revealed — tattoos, piercing, scars and all — MJ, and the reader, know that he is heroic in all the ways that matter. Get ready for a unique tale that will have you swooning for this very unusual hero.

Based on appearances, Makenna James and Caden Grayson couldn’t be more different. MJ is a busy career woman in a pinstriped suit, toting a constantly ringing cell phone. Caden is pierced and tattooed in ratty jeans and a tee shirt. Because of a childhood trauma, Caden has adopted this intimidating persona to keep others from getting close to him. The trauma also left Caden with an extreme fear of small, dark spaces. So when he and MJ are trapped in an elevator for hours, it is a nightmare for him. Fortunately, MJ gives Caden something to focus on. Her. With nothing else to do in the stopped elevator but talk, the two quickly realize that they have a lot in common. From their tastes in food and music to their values and humor — they could not be a better match. But will their attraction last after the lights come on and Caden’s appearance is revealed? (WILD ROSE PRESS, April 2011, dl., $3.75)

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Dawn Crowne