A rising star from Zebra shines in an intricate tale of love and deception in Regency England.

Miss Diana Harrington is but one of many passengers aboard the overcrowded boat carrying fleeing English civilians away from Brussels on the eve of the Battle of Waterloo. When the boat sinks, she is fortunate to survive, especially when she regains consciousness with no memory of who she is.

Adam, Earl of Weston, is all too sure of who she really is. There's no mistaking the lovely face of his hated sister-in-law, a woman he holds completely responsible for his brother's death. Little does he know that the lady is really the scheming Demanda's honorable twin sister. What he does know is that he is far too attracted to his unexpected houseguest.

And then one night a voice in the darkness whispers of murder, and Diana knows that she must continue her inadvertent masquerade to catch the would-be killer before it is too late.

Although the two sisters seem more like strangers than siblings, Ms. Clayton deftly weaves together an intricate plot with a wide cast of characters and a nifty touch of intrigue to keep us turning the pages at a rapid pace. (May, 287 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer