The third, sizzling book in Cheryl Biggs' Braggette Family Saga pits a determined Confederate Captain against a Yankee hellion.

Desperate to free his brother before he is hung by the Yankees, Traynor Braggette steals a Union river boat, masquerades as the captain and sets sail. His only problem is Marci Colderaine, the real captain's sister.

Marci is incensed by the arrogant rebel's audacity and is determined to get him to stop his foolish actions. But all her hostility does is fire Traynor's determination and desire. The sparks really fly between them as they trek up the river with Marci as Traynor's hostage.

When Traynor goes off to find his brother, Marci volunteers to go with him and, if not for her quick thinking and her audacious acting, they might all hang.

The sexual tension in HEART'S DEFIANT simmers, sizzles and blazes in this fast-paced book. Ms. Bigg's adventure romance will satisfy her fans and call the attention of new readers to her strong talents. VERY SENSUAL (Oct., 320 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin