The Civil War has taken much from Teresa Braggette, including the presence of her four brothers at their home in New Orleans. Divorced from Jay Proschaud, who deserted her on their wedding day, Teresa is raising their son alone when a letter arrives from Jay telling her that she must meet him in Richmond because one of her brothers is in danger.

Disguised as a Union soldier, Teresa attempts to cross enemy lines when she's spotted and pressed into service to aide Lt. Brett Forsythe, who stirs a sense of recognition in Teresa.

Brett, a childhood friend of Teresa's brothers and a Confederate, has been watching for Teresa so she can lead him to Prouchaud who's wanted by the Knights of the Golden Circle.

With no one to trust on either side, Teresa and Brett still can't fight the attraction as they race toward Richmond and an uncertain future.

Cheryl Biggs continues the Braggette family saga with sizzling sensuality and fast-paced action bound to please Dixie lovers. SENSUAL (Nov., 424 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cindy Royce