Fans of futuristic suspense have a real treat in store with the publication of Jan Zimlichs new book. For years the people of Nirvanna have prospered in their protected world. But the prophecies speak of the time when a demon lord will come to destroy their civilization. That time appears to be now, as Dax Vahnti, warlord of his clan, sets foot on the planet claimed by his family for at least a thousand years.

But Rayna, granddaughter of the last shaman, is determined to prevent Dax from destroying their way of lifeeven if she has to assassinate him herself. When her attempt fails, however, she is captured and taken back to his home planet of Hell. Here she faces the ultimate temptation: desire for the one man she should hate above all else.

Ms. Zimlich is a stellar light who plots intelligently and creates complex yet consistent characters who make you care about what happens to them. Add delicious doses of passion, a superior hero and an intriguing resolution, and you get topnotch reading pleasure. (Sep., 320 pp. $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer