Image of The Heart's Pursuit


Image of The Heart's Pursuit

Hatcher’s latest novel will move the heart. Set in the Old West with a jilted bride and a toughened bounty hunter at its center, this story addresses trust and forgiveness. The clear, crisp prose shines through with the author’s beautiful description and poignant narrative. Silver and Jared are complex, well-rounded characters who resonate with readers. This story is one delightful read filled with tender, romantic moments.

On her wedding day, Silver Matlock is left at the altar by a man who stole her family’s fortune. Jared Newman is the hardened bounty hunter Silver hires to help her find this man and get justice. Jared shares her sense of justice as he has his own personal retribution to exact. In the midst of their treacherous quest, they are unexpectedly drawn to each other. Can they fully trust each other while reconciling hurt feelings from the past? (ZONDERVAN, May, 352 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melanie Bates