A fabulous and fast-paced read! Harvey nails her characterizations and does an excellent job of worldbuilding. The action is superb, and watching Nicky and Lucky fall in love is such delicious fun. This is the perfect escape read.

On her 16th birthday, Solange Drake will become a vampire, and in doing so, possibly fulfill an ancient prophecy, start a war between the vampire clans and, oh, become the undead queen. But that's if she makes it through a month of assassination attempts, by the living and the dead, and the transition itself. Thank goodness her best friend Lucy, aka Lucky, won't let Solange go through this alone. And if Lucky happens to be falling in love, learning to use a taser and becoming an ambassador to the vampire-hunting cult, well, it's all in the name of protecting her best friend! (Walker, Jan., 320 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9780802798404, HC, 12 and Up)
Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan