Image of Hearts Surrender (Woodland)


Image of Hearts Surrender (Woodland)

Focusing a bit more on the Christian message enhances the lovely romance that develops between the main characters. Flashbacks of the hero’s wife’s struggle with cancer, plus the heroine’s temptations to become involved in her former way of life make this an affecting story.

After 12 years as a pastor and two as a widower, Kenneth Lucerne is finding it hard to ignite his spirit. The death of his beloved wife from cancer still haunts him. He receives comfort from the presence of Kiara Jordan, who was there for both he and his wife. Ken must accept that, though it was his wife’s time to go, it is not his and that a woman’s love can be a part of his life again. (WHITE ROSE, May, 183 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley