Exiled for a crime he didn't commit, Jax makes his living selling weapons to unauthorized planets, and otherwise has no use for dealing with people. The exception being the one time each year he must mate. Jax cannot ignore the genetic traits of the Jimlee race that force him to give in to his sexual urges for 24 hours.

Waverly's been double-crossed and sold to Jax as a slave, so she has no choice but to give in to the traitorous urges of her own body. Although she's always been able to control her own urges, she can't control herself this time. On the run from their own powerful attraction to each other, Jax and Waverly embark on a journey to love, passion and redemption. This action-packed erotic romance won't be soon forgotten. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wardrip