This story is about two beautiful people, Matt and Savannah, who both have a string of willing bedmates and no real problems except for the ones they create themselves. They are both so happy with their lives that neither is sure if monogamy is right for them. While the hero and heroine jump into a sexual relationship quickly, the author makes a point to reinforce that Savannah and Matt are attracted to each other both physically as well as emotionally. He likes that she is smart, funny and has a stubborn streak. And she respects him for his heroism. This connection they have, in addition to interesting secondary characters, will no doubt make some readers want to check out more from the Out of Uniform series.

Navy SEAL and all around bad boy Matt O’Conner meets blond bombshell Savannah Harte during a bank robbery. Matt is the hero of the day, jumping to the rescue and ending the stick up. But he doesn’t want adoration, all he wants is Savannah’s phone number. Savannah is impressed with Matt’s macho bravado, but since she is already dating someone else, she declines Matt’s advances. 

A few weeks later, Savannah and Matt meet again and both of them unattached so they embark on a no-strings attached fling. The sex is so hot and the company so good, that both of them start to become emotionally invested. While Matt admits to himself that he wants to take things further, Savannah is not so sure. In an effort to drive them apart and prove that she is not falling in love, Savannah proposes a threesome. Matt agrees to give her what she wants, but he is filled with jealousy. Will this help to cement the relationship by forcing Savannah to admit her feelings or will adding another man into the mix tear the couple apart? (SAMHAIN, April 2011, dl. $3.50) 

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne