Ever since he was a child, Alec Porter has been told hes a bad seed. Tired of waiting for his bad side to take over, Alec makes a self-destructive bid to get it over with by becoming involved in a deadly and corrupt scheme. However, when Alec learns of Russell Recks plans to double-cross him, he becomes obsessed with taking down the very man who hired him.

Sydney Shanks, Recks ex-wife, is a mess. Hes currently in jail thanks to her cooperation with the authorities, and if he is released, Sydney knows he will come after her. She has also made the mistake of falling in love with the mysterious Alec. Now, more than ever, Alec will need to use his cunning to save Sydney and destroy Reckeven if it means destroying himself in the process.

The oh-so-talented Olga Bicos returns to the romantic suspense genre. Taking a villain from her previous book and turning him into the troubled hero is quite a feat. This is a love story truly based on forgiveness and redemption. (Jul., 384pp, $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith