Image of Heat of the Moment


Image of Heat of the Moment
HEAT OF THE MOMENT (4) by Karen Foley: Navy Lt. Holly Durant presents a Southern belle image to most people, but her brother’s best friend, Sgt. Shane Rafferty, sees the fiercely independent woman she is on the inside. After an intense opening scene set on a battlefield in Iraq, Shane and Holly find comfort in each other’s arms while on military leave. They have amazing chemistry, but neither wants to admit that it’s anything more than physical — to do so would open themselves up to being hurt. They agree to keep their contact limited to the three weeks that they’re on leave. The clock is ticking on their relationship — will they be able to quit each other when the three weeks is up? This book starts off with bombs, bullets and shrapnel flying and revels in a kind of gritty realism. Some readers will no doubt enjoy the action, while others may find it too intense for their tastes.
Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer