Image of Heat Seeker


Image of Heat Seeker

The latest in the Elite Ops series reads better if you're familiar with the others, but it stands very well on its own. Plenty of action and plenty of heat drive a plotline that moves like a sleek summer movie. You can really feel the emotional turmoil of both main characters -- as well as have fun with the ops stuff.

Ten years ago Bailey Serborne had a wonderful night to remember with another agent, Trent Daylen. But later that night Trent was killed in a car explosion. Five years ago, while tracking the killer, Bailey was kidnapped and then freed by unknown terrorists. The mystery group took out the assassin but not his boss. Now Bailey has had enough and is determined to stop the mastermind who killed her lover and maybe even her parents. Soon, she's dealing with arms merchant John Vincent, whose kisses are disturbingly like Trent's. But Bailey is determined to have her revenge, and nobody will stop her this time, no matter how many memories and feelings he stirs. (ST. MARTIN'S, Sep., 334 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Bunny Callahan