The emotional ties between parents
and children form the foundation of
this poignant novel. Landis is a master
of exploring the emotional content
of the human psyche, which makes
her books unforgettable.

After being shot on a case gone bad, P.I. Kat Vargas needs some R&R. Former partner Jake Montgomery has just the remedy: Kat can house-sit for him up in Twilight Cove, California.

Ty Chandler left town years ago and successfully built a business in Alaska. His mother's terminal illness brought him home, and following her death, Ty discovers information that rocks his world: He may be a father. His troubled high school girlfriend was apparently pregnant when she left town.

Ty approaches Kat asking for help. No matter what the cost emotionally, Ty wants to know if he has a child. Kat warns Ty up front that a happy family reunion may not be in the cards. Her own experiences with love and betrayal have made her gun-shy when it comes to relationships, and getting involved with a client is never a good idea, but the pull between Kat and Ty is stronger than either one thinks.

(May, 320 pp., $19.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith