Image of Heat Wave


Image of Heat Wave

Spread your blankets, get a tall, cool glass of tea and enjoy this trio of romances with something for everyone. Hill’s believable, emotionally satisfying tale is a standout.

In “Summer Fever,” Hill fits a lot of action into a short story, as housesitter Nina makes the most of her considerable attraction to club owner Ian, though the fact that he lives in Barbados makes a long-term relationship difficult. “One Hot Summer” by Bryant finds event planner to the stars Nylah “Love” Lovely, nursing her broken heart while continuing to plan weddings and parties that celebrate love. Enter NBA star, Maleek Trenton, who takes her breath away while she plans his end-of-summer party. Day’s “Too Hot to Handle” almost is, as Choice (Chai) and Trey come together in a stalled elevator in the Empire State Building, then learn that despite being strangers, they have a surprising connection. (DAFINA, Jul., 374 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jacqui McGugins