Heather Gordons life changes forever when her father, Robert Gordon of Dunscroft Castle, asks her to help Mary, Queen of Scots, escape from Lochhaven Castle.

Born a twin, Duncan Stewart was hidden after birth with clan MacKenzie in the Highlands. Duncan grew up unaware of his noble birth. Robert Gordon must teach Duncan to impersonate his twin Colin, who is loyal to the Earl of Monay, Queen Marys half-brother, who has her locked away.

Heather tutors the Highlander in the courtly ways and teaches him to act like Colin. At first Duncan balks at the idea of impersonating a dandy, but he will do anything for queen and country. And he is fascinated by Heather.

Heather has three months to mold the warrior Duncan into the fop Colin. Duncan constantly surprises her and she soon realizes there is more to the crude Highlander than she had thought. Although determined not to give her heart, Heather cannot suppress her true feelings. Forces beyond her control have brought them together and Heather soon realizes that fate will not be denied. When the time comes, Heather must decide between love and duty.

Ms. Morgan weaves a colorful tapestry, rich with Scotlands history. Heather and Duncans tale is a love story to make the heart soar, bring tears and smiles as you live Scotlands glory and tragedy through their eyes. SENSUAL. (Sep., 280 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor