Tasmin Armstrong, half-Gypsy/half-Scottish, has been raised in both the world of the Romany and the Scots reiver. When she and her father are captured because of their thieving, only William Scott stands to help them.

Williams father had been old friends with Tasmins father, and William pledges to protect Tasmin by bringing her to his home. A widower with an infant daughter, he has many problems of his own, but Tasmins plight speaks to him.

From Gypsy camps to castles their relationship grows and a tenderness blossoms between them that turns to love. Yet as they begin to forge an understanding, the future of Scotland, in the form of the toddler Mary, Queen of Scots, is placed in their hands.

With grace and an affinity like few others, Susan King evokes the people and land of Scotland, gifting readers with a wonderful read. There is much to learn about Gypsy culture and heritage as well as Scottish history. Although the pace is a little slow, HEATHER MOON overflows with a masterful command of history and culture, and is a must for fans of Scottish romance. SENSUAL (Apr., 161 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin